What's going on in our Community

SERVPRO of Franklin County

SERVPRO of Franklin County takes great pride in being a part of the Franklin County community. We understand that communities like ours hold America together. We want to do our part to ensure the Franklin County community thrives by helping those less fortunate, keeping the area safe and making our community the best it can be.

SERVPRO® is proud to be the sponsor of the first-ever First Responder focused bowl game and we extend a heartfelt thank you to all the brave men and women on the frontlines. Your courage and compassion are inspiring to all.

SERVPRO of Franklin County invites all first responders including (but not limited to) firefighters, police officers, paramedics, dispatchers, and military members to stop by our office for a pregame celebration.

Please join us on Thursday, December 20th from 10am-1pm. We will have free prizes, drinks, and food!

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

For more information about the First Responder Bowl please visit firstresponderbowl.com