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April showers bring May flowers…….and allergies!

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Spring Cleaning your Union, MO home or business
A good way to lessen those horrible spring allergies is to do a little spring cleaning.  There is a lot of helpful cleaning that you can do on your own. A little extra vacuuming goes a long way.  Don’t forget to get into all those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Wipe down those window sills and baseboards and door trim. All of those places that love to collect dust and usually escape routine cleaning. Get those windows and window treatments clean, they love to gather dust. Finally, strip those beds and clean the sheets, comforters and give the mattress a good vacuuming.  All of these things that you can do yourself will greatly help you with your allergies. 

Now for the next step, you’re going to need to call in the professionals with the green trucks.  Air duct cleaning is going to substantially help your indoor air quality, removing dust, debris and mold. These are all things that trigger your allergies.  When we clean duct work we clean both sides of the system, which are the supplies and the cold air returns. In addition, we clean the furnace including the A coil and the squirrel cage.  The process is simple but takes some time.  We set up the vacuum unit outside and connect just above the furnace.  We run plastic “whips” with compressed air down each of the supply and cold air returns, pushing the debris to the vacuum hose and then out to the vacuum bag. At the end of the whips we use attachments based on what is required. These attachments can be brushes or other agitation tools that get all of the built up dust and debris loose so it can be vacuumed out.  Lastly, we HEPPA Vacuum the furnace, A coil and squirrel cage, removing the build up dust.  The result is a much cleaner system and much cleaner inside air.  You will automatically notice the difference in air quality and dust build up after we are complete.  Sometimes there’s an added bonus where we find your lost ring or that beloved child’s toy that mysteriously went missing. 

The next thing you will want to have done is cleaning of your carpets and upholstery. So much dirt, debris, pollen and mold can lie lurking in these textiles.   A good HEPA Vacuuming and a deep cleaning is the best way to combat those allergies.  Our most common method of carpet and upholstery cleaning is the Hot Water Extraction method.  First we HEPA Vacuum, than we address any spots, we than treat all of the surfaces with an emulsifier and lastly extract with hot water and a neutralizer. You won’t believe your eyes how good everything looks and, more importantly, your nose will thank you.  Good bye built up allergens!

If you haven’t cleaned your carpets or upholstery in a while, don’t worry.  The hot water extraction method works really well, or we have other deeper cleaning methods.  One way or another we can handle what you send our way. 

Still have some household odors?  Don’t worry, we have several different services that will work for you depending on the source of the odor.  For smoke odors, the Hydroxyl generator or Ozone works well. 

The Hydroxyl generator is a little more people friendly. It’s breathable, so people and pets can co-mingle while the Hydroxyl generator is in operation. The Hydroxyl generator works best for odors such as smoke, bio hazards, skunk, pet and VOCs.  In short, the Hydroxyl generator uses three bands of UV light to cleanse the air.  We have found them very effective. 

Ozone is not breathable and therefore much more limited.  It is very effective for the same types of odors, but just remember people or pets cannot be present.  In general the Ozone machine converts O2 to O3. O3 is well known for its disinfecting and deodorizing properties.

Lastly, we can thermal fog a room or area.  Both of these methods apply odor counteractive used to neutralize odors in the air. They do a great job for relatively minor to moderate odors and there are a number of counteractives we can use depending on the odor source. 

Performing any or all of these tips will go a long way in combating your seasonal allergies. And best of all, your friends in the green trucks have pricing specials available for you.  All you have to do is ask. 

Until later. Stay Green.


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