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De-Stink Old Smelly Jars with Two Simple Ingredients

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

It’s so nice to be able to reuse old glass jars for food storage. Occasionally, though, even the sturdiest container has to be recycled because it retains the smell of its previous contents. There is, however, a quick and easy way to get that old stink out of your jar and make it usable again.

You just need two things...

Mustard & Water

Yes, mustard! Turns out basic yellow mustard (no need to get the fancy Dijon or whole-grain kind) or mustard powder (if you’re truly old school) mixed with hot water will get out the smell.
Pour about a teaspoon of the yellow stuff in the bottom, add hot water and swirl or shake the solution with the lid on. Throw out the water, and then wash and rinse your container. It’s like the Ghost of Pickled Onions Past was never even there.

Plastic Containers Need More Time Than Glass

However, the swirl-and-dump method works best with glass. Plastic tends to hold aromas more tenaciously.
If something really stinky was being stored in a plastic container, you may want to leave the mustard-and-water mix in the plastic storage container for a few hours or even overnight.

Source: https://food-hacks.wonderhowto.com/how-to/de-stink-old-smelly-jarswith-

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